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Printathon IV

March 2018 TBA

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Codestellation IV

November 2017 Shapiro Science Center, Brandeis University

Printathon III

March 2017 Farber Mezzanine, Brandeis University

Codestellation III

October 2016 Shapiro Science Center, Brandeis University

Makeathon I

March 2016 Brandeis University, various locations

Codestellation II

November 2015 Shapiro Science Center, Brandeis University

Printathon II

October 2015 Farber Mezzanine, Brandeis University

Codestellation I

March 2015 Mandel Humanities Quad, Brandeis University

Printathon I

March 2015 Farber Mezzanine, Brandeis University

Conferences and Talks

Intro to Drones

Nov 15, 2017 G-Tek, Boston, MA

Intro to Drones

Nov 2, 2017 Dassault 3D Experience Fab Lab, Waltham, MA

Emerging Technology on Campus: MakerSpace Project Showcase with Brandeis

Sept 17, 2017 Boston Mini Maker Faire, Boston Children's Museum, Boston, MA

The Impact of Hackathons on Students in Higher Education: Planning, Executing and Participating

Sept 17, 2017 Boston Mini Maker Faire, Boston Children's Museum, Boston, MA

FPV Drone Racing intro and overview

August 2016 DRONEFEST at Colgate University

How to DIY a Drone

August 2015 DRONEFEST at Colgate University

Instilling a Maker Mindset on Campus: Case Studies

May 2, 2016 NERCOMP 1 day PDO at Holy Cross
What have we learned from the Maker movement? How has this knowledge been applied to higher education? How are fabrication spaces evolving? Multiple experts will present case studies learned in the first years of creating spaces for digital fabrication. Participate in active discussions around practical hands on workshops, workflows, policies, and support models. Working groups, formed by attendees, will be asked to reverse engineer these case studies through the needs, policies, and resources of their own institution.

3D Printing Use Cases in Higher Education

June 11, 2015 NERCOMP 1 day PDO in Norwood, MA

New Perspectives: Instilling a ‘Maker’ Mindset with Makerspaces

March 1, 2016 Next Generation Learning Spaces
In recent years, Makerspaces have emerged as incubators to transform student capabilities, enhancing the roles of people, purposes, projects, and partnerships. The process of creating and exploring fosters a communal experience, whereby students are able to share innovations. As devices like 3D printers and scanners become more accessible, future implications for these spaces are boundless.

Evolution of the Learning Space: Making and 3D Printing to Drive Innovation

Feb 2, 2016 ELI Annual Meeting 2016
This session will investigate the development of makerspaces at three liberal arts institutions: Brandeis University, Colgate University, and Wellesley College. Representatives from each institution will discuss the development of learning spaces that support a variety of "making" technologies, with a focus on 3D modeling and printing. Our talk will highlight key factors (e.g., awareness, access, physical space, campus policies, equipment, etc.) that influence the design, development, and support of these spaces. Join the conversation to share your questions, thoughts, problems, and solutions as we establish guidelines for makerspace design, development, and support.

The Idea Exchange: Maker Spaces in Higher Ed

March 31, 2015 NERCOMP Annual Conference 2015
Wellesley and Brandeis have taken different journeys on the path toward creating makerspaces, but the point at which they meet is rich with interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration. These two liberal arts institutions have both created makerspaces in the past year with a focus on providing access to emerging technologies and introducing users to an interdisciplinary approach to the practice, culture, and values of making. Come work together to build a NERCOMP makerspace toy box, where you can play with maker tools, take a 3D portrait, try out 3D scanning and modeling software, play with LittleBits circuits, visit a strange world in Oculus Rift, and more. Share your makerspace thoughts, ideas, paradigms, approaches, challenges, and triumphs. Feel free to come and go during this experimental, hands-on, and participatory session.

Creator X mods

2014 MakerFaire RI