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Ian Roy

  • Director for Research Technology and Innovation
  • Head of Brandeis MakerLab
  • Adjunct Professor in the Brandeis International Business School
  • Licensed FAA Section 107 sUAS Remote Pilot
  • Staff Advisor to Brandeis 3D Printing Club, Brandeis VR club, Brandeis Aviation Club, and BITMAP
  • Class of '05
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    Hazal Uzunkaya

  • Brandeis University LTS Research Technology Specialist
  • Service Coordinator of Brandeis MakerLab
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    Tim Hebert

  • Brandeis Makerlab Embedded Systems and Robotics Consultant
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    The original Brandeis umbrella technology club - Brandeis Initiative for Technology, Machines, Apps, and Programming - and organizers of Codestellation, Brandeis' biggest software and hardware hackathon.


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    Deis 3D

    Brandeis 3D Printing Club


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    Virtual Reality Club

    Chartered in Fall 2015, by undergraduate students Mike Makivic and Daniella Dimitrova, the VR club is a very active Unity and Unreal development group that seeks to combine the latest VR hardware technologies with the latest VR software toolsets. They have assisted in projects to build virtual copies of the Rose Art Museum, the House of Verratti in Pompeii, ancient object galleries for the Classics department, virtual simulations for advanced research labs including the Graybiel Lab, and have introduced a generation of Brandeis students to the possibilities of head mounted display-based VR.

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    Prosthetics Club

    Chartered in Spring 2014, by undergraduate students Liz Washington and David Landesman, the Prosthetics Club standardized around the E-Nable prosthetic hand platform, an entirely 3D-printed prosthetic hand that can be assembled for under $50 and is competitive with a $20k traditional prosthetic, and can be custom-fit to the individual, particularly children. The club does a lot of outreach doing activities with physically disabled children, as well as learning how to build prosthetics and thinking about ways to improve the open source platform. This semester they are branching from physical lever-based prosthetics into true neurosensor and motor-based bionics with the help of the Neuroscience Club.

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    Aviation Club

    Once a club for airplane enthusiasts (people who fly manned gliders) the Aviation Club has been resurrected with a focus on unmanned aerial systems, colloquially referred to as “drones”. Under the leadership of undergraduate students Kiana Jane and Bronson Gardner, the club is working to get their charter paperwork through in the Fall 2016 semester with the aim of hosting the first East Coast intercollegiate drone races in Spring 2017. These first races will be based on a sub-50-gram, sub-25-milliwatt, race platform which requires no registration with the FAA, FCC, or any other aviation government agencies. The goal would be to hold small-scale races on a tennis court-sized venue, against other schools developing similar racing programs. The value of this in the convergence of technologies, from 3D printing to virtual reality to embedded systems to signals to soldering. Nearly the entire Maker toolset can be used in a single project, which makes drone racing a valuable cross-training tool for any type of R+D. The goal here is similar to First Robotics. Why don’t we have science teams competing like sports teams, where at the end of the season everyone at the end of the team can go pro?

    Robotics Club

    Chartering in Fall 2016, the Robotics Club aims to teach robotics platforms and concepts to the Brandeis community and compete in robot competitions such as BattleBots and similar events held locally at Artisans Asylum.